Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning

I been up since 8 am, not because I want to, but because my 11 year old created a water park in the bathroom. There was water everywhere and he tried to use the baby’s tub as a step stool. Then he got hungry for some chips and dip. I also made him clean up the mess he made on my bedroom floor. Mostly his books, flashcards, and my penny collection. I have to accept the fact that my room will never be perfectly clean again, especially not with two boys sharing the same space.  Later on, we went to the bank and family dollar for some diapers, wipes, and pull-ups. Boy 1 threw a few books around in the store. So happy to get out of there. Then he had a temper tantrum in the car because he saw something, but could not tell me what. So he tried to attack the baby by pinching Boy 2’s cheeks and trying to bite his hand. Yay. The joys of an autistic mom. We back home now and he running around playing his “Bob Bob” game. The baby is finally asleep after dealing with his brother. He been cranky ever since the car ride.


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