Craving discipline

Children crave discipline. I do wish I disciplined my oldest more when he was younger. Not sure what the best method is for special needs kids, but I could have researched more. I was working 60 plus hours and going to school 6 days a week, and my child did not get all the attention or discipline he deserved. I was not even sure if I loved or liked him then. Not naturally maternal (that blog coming later), but I realized later on I do love him and like him and wish I did more for him earlier. Working all the time and going to school all the time is not always worth the expense of your kids. Withholding discipline is one reason I do not 100% respect my mother. She let my grandmother do the disciplining and that she did. My granny used belts, switches, extension cords, etc. I learned to do what she say, when she said it, how she said it, most of the time.

Fast forward years later and my sisters and I are over 30 or almost 30. We definitely needed a level of discipline from our parents. The respect is not there. Watching my mother try and discipline us now or our kids is straight hilarious. As I am getting older, I know children need a strong, solid foundation. A weak foundation will crumble and fall apart. Allowing other parents to do your job will affect your kids later.


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