Random Thoughts

I am not big on biological family, except my sons and my mother (sometimes). One thing I do not get is how people can treat you bad or exclude you growing up but expect you to accept later on in life. I don’t know how to move from you picking on me because I was fat, not feminine enough, not having sex, not pretty enough, too smart, etc to let’s spend time together, let’s talk, give me a hug. My mind does not know how to process that mentally. and I will tell these heathens so-what is on my mind, whether or not they like it or not. and they sit there passively, talking about me behind my back, and I know this because my family can not keep anything to themselves.

I have cussed and fussed at all these relatives of mine. If it don’t make sense or stupid, I will say so. Today, I Cussed out my uncle because he was smoking in the house. I have a pregnant niece. In the house, the vent system sucks. Every smell travels up. So if you smoke weed or cigarettes or burn something, the whole house will smell it. The fight lead to a full blow out and my mother did not do squat but let us argue.

That is the one thing, which irks me about my mother-her passiveness. She just stands in the sidelines watching drama but don’t step in, even if it concerns her. My sister has taken plenty of money out my mother’s bank account without her permission. Instead of changing her bank account number or card numbers, she does nothing but tell my sister the account bounced. She has let relatives talk about her kids and grandkids and did not say anything. I just want her to stand up, say something, show an aggressive side. Let me know she cares or loves or concerned. Do something.


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