I don’t have that type of support

I don’t have that type of support, physical support where I can talk to real people about real problems, especially with my oldest son. I have a great online presence of people, who I can talk to, but when I need out of the house, I don’t have people I can call. Family out–because they do not understand or care to understand autism. Sometimes I feel like they feel Brad is a burden on them. I just want someone I can talk to, hang out with, minimize this loneliness I feel. Being an autistic parent is a lonely road.

Not everyone can deal with the meltdowns, temper tantrums, limited communication, lack of a fully potty-trained child. All I hear from relatives is how he screams and keeps them up at nite; how they can not wait until Brad sr. gets him back for the summer; how they only want to babysit the baby; that every problem Brad has is not mental and he needs a good butt whipping to get the bad out of him. When I hear those comments, I want to take my children far far away and never see these heathens but once or twice a year. Then they get upset because they won’t see the baby. Sometimes I think these heathens forget I have two kids, instead of one. My kids and I are a package deal. You either take us all or none at all. I am not going to piece meal out my kids. I don’t want someone taking the baby somewhere, leaving Brad behind, wondering why they did not take him. I may not always understand what is on this boy’s mind, but I do understand exclusion.


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