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very last apple
jokes kids jokes book


Have an early intervention appt for kalen today. Niece also in labor. I hope these relatives dissappear b4 ECI gets here.



Do you think a boy, under 18 should be automatically charged with child molestation/rape, if he gets a  minor girl, under 18 pregnant?

Free stuff for today that i like the most

 prayer journal on gratitude
Low carb snacks
Making a strawberry short cake needs a kindle. will not work for kindle for pc or kindle cloud
ThugBook what happens when citizens fight back against crime
Choose your own adventure Super Hero Book
Kittens Reader
Achieving organizational success across generations
you make me proud telling kids how much u love them
Path to truth
Impassioned plea to pastors
Interactive games book
baking soda and vinegar uses
emotional manipulation
portable essay tutor
blog post ideas
everyday colors kids book
fruits kids picture book

Free Kids Stuff for Today that i like


BOOK 2 is LIVE. Love.Lust.Life. is finally complete

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